Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site!  Our vision when starting Knockout! Pest Management centered on providing customer oriented service, with guaranteed results at an affordable price.  Knockout! Pest Management can provide you with solutions for all your pest control needs, and we will do it in the least intrusive, most cost efficient way for you, the customer and we are now servicing Post Falls and Coeur d' Alene.

Proper pest management is achieved through
elimination and prevention


The first step in managing your pest problem is a diagnosis of the problem through inspection.  We need to do our best to find out how you got your pest problem in the first place, before we can successfully treat it.  Different pests have different habits, and different common ways of intruding on your living or working space.  Our trained technician will use his professional knowledge and experience to create the most efficient and effective elimination plan possible.  On most inspection visits, your initial treatment can be performed the same day!

After the elimination process has begun, communication with you is our most valuable tool for achieving timely, effective results.  You are the one who will be spending the most time in the areas of concern and can provide, by far, the best feedback on the improvement of your pest problems.  Our team will open a line of communication to make sure no area of concern goes unresolved.  All services we provide are guaranteed, and we want to make sure you are fully satisfied.


The biggest and most important choice you, the homeowner will make is protecting your home from future pest infestation.  Once a pest problem is controlled it is only a matter of time until the problem reoccurs.  After initial elimination, we will provide you with guaranteed protection from future problems through timely preventative treatment visits.  These visits will address all of the entry methods identified in your initial inspection, as provide a monitoring opportunity for any new potential problem areas.  Your prevention service is provided in the most convenient, non intrusive way possible for you, because we know you are busy enough as it is!


Remember, your satisfaction is our number one priority.  All services are guaranteed, and service calls between regular services are free.  Call us to begin your new, pest free life today!